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Čo a prečo práve počúvate?


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(...) ; (..)


"presli sme vhela mhestami a cestami

ze zhatatymi phestami

a chut nhigdy nhekleslami

a sthale chce sa mi

rhobit rep lhen ophodstatnhenymi

vhecami a smhecami .. " :lol:

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Depeche Mode - Little 15



Little 15

You help her forget

The world outside

You're not part of it yet

And if you could drive

You could drive her away

To a happier place

To a happier day

That exists in your mind

And in your smile

She could escape there

Just for a while

Little 15


Little 15

Why take the smooth with the rough

When things run smooth

It's already more than enough

She knows your mind

Is not yet in league

With the rest of the world

And it's little intrigues

Do you understand

Do you know what she means

As time goes by

And when you've seen what she's seen

You will

Little 15


Little 15

Why does she have to defend

Her feelings inside

Why pretend

She's not had a life

A life of near misses

Now all that she wants

Is 3 little wishes

She wants to see with your eyes

She wants to smile with your smile

She wants a nice surprise

Every once in a while

Little 15

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nozky mi cupitaju pod stolom v rytme piesenky :) a hned je na svete veselsie

:) a normalne, tento smajko sa knise presne do rytmu, je pomali a nasleduje tento :lol: a zaverecnu pasaz dobehne uz len ;)


;) ;) ;)

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