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Rules for writing on the FreeSpace Forum

Read the rules of the Forum, which must be followed in order for a decent, peaceful and meaningful discussion.

  1. Creating an account - By creating an account, you confirm that you are familiar with the rules of this discussion forum. You acknowledge that the account name will not contain any derogatory terms or vulgarities. The administrator has full right to delete such accounts from the database. Duplicate accounts are not allowed. If you have a problem with your account, contact your administrator. Duplicate accounts will be deleted or merged with your original one.
  2. Creating topics - Before you create a new topic, use a search to see if that topic (or similar to yours) is already created. Select the appropriate category for your topic, the topics included in the inappropriate category will be moved to the correct one, or they will be deleted. Name the topics aptly, meaningless names like "Help!", "Help" or "Advise" will be modified according to the content of the first post. Do not create multiple identical topics, even in different categories. Make sure that the introductory post in the topic has a certain level, contains the necessary information, accurately describes the core of the problem and is not very general. If you create a topic with quality content, it will attract more readers.
  3. Posting - You acknowledge that you are responsible for the content of your posts and will address the topic. You will avoid writing off topics, you will not read or spam. Do not write short posts such as "thanks", "ok", etc., do not respond only with smilies, the Like function is used for that. Write clearly, if possible grammatically correct and without the influence of narcotics. Write posts in Slovak or Czech, posts in foreign language write with a translation. Do not format (change color and font size) posts to interfere with other Forum members.
  4. Discussion style - Do not verbally attack other Forum members or provoke conflicts. Resolve any conflicts with other members of the Forum quickly, preferably in the form of Private Messages, or report such posts to the moderator. Follow the principles of good behavior in discussions, avoid using vulgarities and other inappropriate expressions not only in discussions, but also in avatars, signatures or in your profiles. In this case, the moderator will ask you to correct it, if you do not, your profile will be modified to meet these criteria. Don't argue with moderators on the Forum if they make a decision against you, you can consult it through Private Messages, but keep in mind that the word of the moderator is the last.
  5. Citation - if you want to use someone else's text, or To copy text from another page, always mark the text as a quote and cite the source so that your post complies with the Code of Ethics. By quoting a source, you support your own opinions. Always quote only what you want to respond to, do not quote the full text if it is a more comprehensive text, and do not quote the latest posts on the topic. If you intend to respond to multiple posts at once, use the Multicate feature.
  6. Unauthorized Content - It is not permitted to post topics, write posts or blogs in order to promote your site, which is of an advertising or commercial nature. This is especially true in the case of sites that do not comply with good morals or violate the laws of the Slovak Republic and the European Union. Such content includes sites with extremist material, pornography, warez, or questionable financial services, including online casinos. It is forbidden to post topics, write posts and blogs, with unsubstantiated and unverified content, which may lead to defamation or damage to the reputation of natural or legal persons.
  7. Freedom of speech - Freedom of speech is important to us, but extreme opinions and personal attacks on individuals or groups based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender or sexual orientation that may appear to have been written to endanger their lives. or existence will not be tolerated.

Violation of these rules will result in a warning, which may result in a ban on posting or a restriction on your account, including the ban.

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