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Správa o "malom červenom tlačítku" V.



Pán Zaharie a jeho letový simulátor..


vášeň pre hru.. túžba prekonať nemožné.. postúpiť na najvyšší "level"

v určitom momente prestane virtuálna realita stačiť


Zaharie spent thousands of hours in the virtual cockpit of the machine playing flying games or boosting its capabilities. He seemed proud of the results.


On the evening of November 17, 2012, he posted a picture of his newly-finished simulator and its specifications to an online forum, calling it "awesome" and saying it was his "passion". He said it was "time to take to the next level of simulation" with a motion controller and that he was "looking for buddies".


A motion controller makes the chair of the simulator pitch and turn like in a real cockpit to simulate the climbs, descents and banked turns of a real plane. Zaharie's set-up also included a center pedestal, where aircraft controls sit, and overhead panel.


It's impossible to estimate exactly how much Zaharie spent on his simulator, but rough estimate by Reuters shows it was likely to be well in excess of $7,000.


a potom

World, the time has come to...

Push the button...

World, the time has come to...

Push the button...

World, the time has come to...

Push the button...

World, my finger, is on the button...

My finger, is...


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